need help - 2 jars

[Post New]by thatmomperson on Aug 31, 12 8:49 AM
What in the world do you do if the puzzle piece marbles are not in the same bowl.?

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Re:need help - 2 jars

[Post New]by barbiecats2000 on Sep 5, 12 6:40 PM
I'm on 2nd map level 4 with 2 jars - I've played this level over a dozen times and cannot complete. The jars fill up at the biginning but I can't get more than half before the time runs out. Just don't know what to do and it appears that not very many fishies bothered with this game to help.

I should have followed their effort I guess.

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Re:need help - 2 jars

[Post New]by Orchid_Witch on Sep 6, 12 12:55 PM
If the puzzle pieces aren't in the same bowl, and I've had that happen, there's is nothing to do but start over. It doesn't happen that often, and it doesn't hurt your score if you do.

If you have special marbles in the jars, though, match those first so that you get the bonus, then start over.

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