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cartographer's desk

[Post New]by radar52 on Sep 1, 12 11:49 AM
I'm quite sure I've solved this puzzle. I didn't use 4 maps, but it looks right. However, it will not end and give me the loupe. What am I doing wrong? Anybody?


Re:cartographer's desk

[Post New]by Rozier24 on Oct 4, 12 3:31 PM
Oh c'mon!! It's been over a month now and nobody has been able to come up with a fix for this? I too am having the same problem and, despite inumerable trips back and forth to the stradegy guide, I see no end to this. I've even gone so far as to stack my "discards" in exactly the same order and orientation as they are in the SG.

I am truly sorry that I purchased this game. I enjoy HOS's and obviously this game has more puzzles than HOS's. Puzzles have their place and I enjoy working them out without the aid of a SG, but if and when I do need to resort to the "Guide", it becomes quite irritating to find that they aren't clear and concise --- redundancies and ambiguities just raise my hackles and this game is full of them.

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