Water sprinklers HELP

[Post New]by nana_na on Sep 1, 12 8:55 PM
When I buy a sprinkler and put in the crop how do I get it to work??

I have tried lots of things but it's a no go, so I spend lots of time watering - there has to be an easier way, please help!!!!


Re:Water sprinklers HELP

[Post New]by Alialkendi on Feb 17, 13 5:32 AM
theye work when crops need water .. So buy too much buting bteween

4 crops.


Re:Water sprinklers HELP

[Post New]by bigtracii on Aug 7, 13 9:01 AM
For a better answer , the sprinklers turn on by it's self when it needs watering it will only water a 4X4 area you need a lot of them and they are expensive .


Re:Water sprinklers HELP

[Post New]by kraftypixie on Aug 23, 13 4:24 PM
I buy enough for 1/2 of my crops & then either move the sprinklers or crop patches, as needed. Less expensive, but more time-consuming.

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