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CRASH - Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen CE

[Post New]by istara on Sep 2, 12 3:08 AM
My game crashed in Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen CE. I was about 28 minutes in to the unregistered demo, and it crashed just as I tried to follow a man into the garden having reached the West Wing.

Now whenever I start the app and try to Play, it goes momentarily to a loading screen, then my whole screen is black for a second or so, then it crashes. I have made a copy of the crash log (but it's hugely lengthy so not pastable here - I'm happy to email it to someone relevant).

I am playing on a Retina MBP running OSX.8.1.

Thanks for any help/advice. I realise my game wasn't registered, but it has been a wonderful game so far and I am seriously considering registration (though not until the crash issue is resolved, obviously).

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Re:CRASH - Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen CE

[Post New]by riverdiver on Sep 2, 12 3:25 AM
Hi istara and welcome to the Mac Gamers Forum

When did you download "Final Cut"?
The game has been updated on August 31st, as announced here:

or here:

Hopefully redownloading the game helps!

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Re:CRASH - Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen CE

[Post New]by shorenuf on Sep 2, 12 4:09 AM
istara -- Welcome to the Mac Forum!

I am using LION, the new version released 2 days ago does solve the crashing problem on that OS. Good chance it will for you as well. Uninstall the game from the Game Manager and empty the Trash before reinstalling it from the game page. Your progress will not be lost, so if you have demo time left, you can find out if the game will go past the crash point.

I might add, don't hesitate to get this game. I am quite enjoying it. I am a pokey player, but it looks to be pretty long with good game play, especially if you hunt around for the collectibles. The story line is admittedly different from most -- no ghosts, no witches. Some decent puzzles, well done (but a few too many) HOs, tasks take a good while to complete. Wish it were Widescreen, but other than that, rather quite excellent.

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Re:CRASH - Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen CE

[Post New]by bfgBiwa on Sep 2, 12 5:21 AM
Heya istara,

As our Fishies already mentioned we recently released an update for this build that you can easily get by uninstall and reinstall the game.

If this doesn’t help our Technical Support will be more than happy to have a further look at this with you so you can enjoy your game again! To get help faster it would be a great help if you could include a Dr. Felix report. You can contact them 24/7 by clicking on the green envelope at the top-right of this page. On the next page you can find the Contact Us link on the bottom-left.

I'll go ahead and pop this thread over to the Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen Collector's Edition Forum for you so more Fishies that played this game can see what's going on.

As we also have a thread dedicated to tech issues with the game stickied here I'll also lock this thread for you. You can of course always repost in the thread I just mentioned, though .

I hope this helps!


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