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Instructions Needed for Game

[Post New]by LuckyLin1 on Sep 2, 12 9:04 AM
So many of us are barely treading water trying to play this game with no instructions. I have submitted a request to tech support for help. In the timed version, a player uses gems to purchase powerups--some are to stop the light from going out of each building--if it goes out, a player has to replay the M3 game to once again light it. I have been in the clockmaker's shop to purchase powerups--some to permanently keep the light on in each bldg. Once I leave the shop, those powerups are not accessible to me to use--only the hammer and hands show up next to the M3 game. Also, no one is sure how many times you can replay to re-light each bldg. The result is you replay a bldg numerous times only to have it return to darkness because you can't figure out where the power up is that you purchased to make it permanently stay lit. I also think it is unclear if there is any ending. I played the relaxed version first and I didn't see much at the end--it also left out quite a bit of what one does in the timed game. Overall, on behalf of those who are sinking out here, please provide much needed instructions, tech support--and thanks so much for all you do.


Re:Instructions Needed for Game

[Post New]by SophiaJoanna on Feb 3, 13 8:59 AM
Sorry I can't help; just posting to say I'm having exactly the same problem.

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