Level 3 Part 2

[Post New]by nevadabigfoot on Sep 3, 12 10:14 AM
I cant seem to get the iron rails and the roads improved before the gold time runs out. When I first started this level, I thought all I had to do was build roads and the iron rails and ran out of time when I found out that I had to build and improve roads. Tried many different variations since then to finish and get the gold. Any suggestions?

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Re:Level 3 Part 2

[Post New]by wxman77477 on Sep 4, 12 7:57 AM
I think you are referring to Part 3 - Level 2.

The key to this Level is to buy a worker, demolish the two road sections just to the right of the Entrance (these will have to be repaired later).

Repair road to Quarry and Tree below HQ. Cut down tree and build Bank.

Work to other tree and build Mine.

Clear all debris, pick up materials, and start repairing road.

Once you have 60 of each material, upgrade HQ to Level 2.

Make one production run through the Foundry.

Remember to repair the two road segments you demolished and there is a small section of road to the right of the Bank.

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Re:Level 3 Part 2

[Post New]by veryfrustrated on Sep 14, 12 7:55 AM
I have repaired every section of road but it still says i not completed this. Run cursor all over road and cannot find any sections ive missed. What to do?

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Re:Level 3 Part 2

[Post New]by Mogwa on Sep 25, 12 5:57 PM
There is one small divot that needs paving. It isn't obvious that it's part of any road. If I remember correctly - it's in the lower right-hand quadrant of the screen/map. Upper portion of that quadrant. A trick spot and easy to miss. (Took me a few tries to figure it out too.) Hope this helps....

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Re:Level 3 Part 2

[Post New]by Starchild6 on May 21, 14 10:07 AM
wxman's instructions are great, but I didn't demolish any roads. I just ordered stones as the Master Builder suggested. Saved time, as my workers could do other things. As wxman said, upgrading HQ is essential, as that saves ordering so much iron. This game is unusual in that HQ determines how much is in your cart. Upgrading the buildings themselves only makes them produce faster.

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