[Post New]by rc276534 on Sep 4, 12 8:01 PM
I have uninsalled my game, but now all my games that I have bought from Big Fish i can not play stating I need to uninstall the game. when I try to re-install the games the error comes back need to get with technical support.

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[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Sep 5, 12 8:00 AM
Hi rc276534,

What is the error code you are seeing please?

Just to let you know, you can search that code on our Help pages and we have articles on those errors that you can solve without our help.

If you need assiatance though or your code isn't listed, please get in touch with Tech Support Team and one of our Reps will be happy to help!

Finally as this is a tech issue, I will be locking this thread but feel free to repost that issue here so we can keep all potential technical issues together.

Good luck!


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