Can't read the stuff in the black boxes

[Post New]by delaneywalsh on Sep 4, 12 10:33 PM
I can't read the stuff that pops up in the black boxes giving me instructions... I uninstalled and reinstalled... still not working. I'm on a mac.

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Re:Can't read the stuff in the black boxes

[Post New]by bfgCimarron on Sep 5, 12 3:08 PM
Hi delaneywalsh,

I'm sorry that the text isn't showing up. Sometimes I've found when this happens, running your Apple Updates can help clear this up. If you click the link to this help article below, it will go into this more:

Mac Game Errors

However, if the game is still showing blank after trying this, I would definitely get in contact with our Customer Support team. One of our reps would be happy to take a closer look with you and help you with your purchase:

How to get in contact with Customer Support

In the meantime, to keep new threads open for specific game play questions, I'm locking this thread now. If you run into any more technical issues, I would also get in contact with support again. Or I would post in the technical issues thread for the game here:

Post any Grim Tales: The Legacy Collector's Edition technical issues here only

As this will help us keep better track of any issues. Thank you!


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