Key under the floorboard

[Post New]by rosekaufmann on Sep 5, 12 5:29 PM
I am having problems using the hammer on the floorboard in the study to get the key, which is needed to ever get the bottle with the cork. I saw the symbols on the floorboard and couldn't get the hammer to work. So I went on and have now developed the film, so the next step is the cork from the bottle. But I still can't get the floorboard. If I go down too far, I get put into the hallway; otherwise, it seems I'm too close to the desk. With the red bulb in now (for the film development), the symbols don't appear, but I recall they were on the 6th or 7th board from the sofa. Doesn't work if I switch back to the blue bulb. Any suggestions? Can't go any further without that cork.

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Re:Key under the floorboard

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Nov 8, 12 9:35 PM
Ooops! Looks like this thread was duplicated by mistake.

As I can see an answer in the other thread here, I will lock this one up to keep things tidy.



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