problem with game

[Post New]by jondar on Sep 6, 12 5:18 PM
when i get to work bench my computer screen goes blue and says huge problems and has stopped game so serious probs wont happen to my laptop,, says game is corrupted

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Re:problem with game

[Post New]by bfgCimarron on Sep 6, 12 5:23 PM
Hi jondar,

I'm sorry this game is giving you this error. In this case I would definitely get in contact with our Customer Support team. They'll have the tools and resources to take a closer look into what's going on with you. If you click this link below it will take you to more information on how to get in contact:

How to get in contact with Customer Support

In the meantime, to keep new threads open for specific game play questions, I'm locking this thread now. If you run into any more technical issues, I would also get in contact with support again. Or I would post in the technical issues thread for the game here:

Post any Mysteries of Magic Island technical issues here only

As this will help us keep better track of any issues. Thank you!


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