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[Post New]by lilinez on Sep 12, 12 6:35 PM
I am using the magic lamp from inventory to light up the headstones. I noticed 5 blue symbols light up. When I click on them 2 or 3 of them emit smoke but nothing happen. I have even clicked on all 5 and nothing happens. I believe I am supposed to click on the symbols in order from the way they are shown on the walls in Carls's study. The symbols are right above the lignts. What am I supposed to do in the cemetery to ente the crypt?

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[Post New]by burf90 on Sep 12, 12 7:15 PM
You're close, but not quite there. Do them in order, but start at the end, with the one that looks like a W. Then find each of the others in order. Just so you know, the last one is pretty hard to find and it seems to take forever for it to appear, so when you get three smoking, just keep checking for that last one with the lamp.

BTW, if you click an incorrect symbol, leave the scene, or zoom into anything, you have to start over. All the symbols are in the four scenes you can see just by rotating.

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