I am so confused! Need help badly

[Post New]by Playbigmama on Feb 9, 09 4:06 PM
I just started this game and now I am walking the town but I cant get into any of the doors says i cant and I cant get in the graveyard says there is a funeral and there is nothing I can pick up. I found to places but they say they are missing something. I cant find anything and I think I am pulling my hair out Any help anyone

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Re:I am so confused! Need help badly

[Post New]by raystownlady on Feb 9, 09 4:37 PM
You can go in the hotel.There is an article to read you will find there.You have to talk to the innkeeper several times.Make a phone call to the office.He will then send a fax you will get from the innkeeper to take down the street to the lawyer or notary.There is also a little boy at the hotel who will drop a couple gear pieces you need to pick up for later.There is a good walkthrough on gameboomers.Just google gameboomers walkthroughs.Hope this helps.This was a very good game.

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