Trouble with the gunpowder

[Post New]by rollingecho on Sep 14, 12 7:03 AM
Any help please? I have to put a barrel of gunpowder against a wall in the armoury. My hints say so, and the walkthrough says so and shows me just where to put it. One small snag: The dratted barrel simply won't be placed there and just flashes back into my inventory. I was having such fun until now. Can anyone tell me what to do?


Re:Trouble with the gunpowder SPOILER ALERT

[Post New]by rollingecho on Sep 22, 12 6:21 AM
Just in case there is anyone else out there with the same problem, I started all over again and planted the gunpowder with no problem. Want to know where it goes? Somewhere there is a bricked up doorway.

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