Drink cards on the serving table

[Post New]by MargieYakubovich on Sep 14, 12 1:37 PM
How do the Beverage cards work that appear on the pick up counter? Are they to let me know what the customers are waiting for?
Do I make them and let the Waitress pick them up or do I make them and serve them myself..
When I first played this level there was a hint popped up but I didn't pay attention to what it was saying about how they work.


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Re:Drink cards on the serving table

[Post New]by elizaew on Oct 7, 12 5:20 PM
I still can't figure out how this works - if the barista makes the drink will the waitress deliver it???

@Margie - the hint gave you no help - all it said was that the waitress would put the drink orders on the counter. It didn't tell you what to do with them.

I even fired the waitress and then rehired her several levels later - just to see if I got more hints about how to make use of her.


Re:Drink cards on the serving table

[Post New]by pisceschick on Oct 17, 12 7:20 PM
Yes, the waitress and also the waiter will pick up drinks and deliver them (though the two that work behind the counter usually do NOT deliver from the cards). The problem is they are also taking orders and delivering food, so sometimes it takes a while. You can click on the customer to see their order again and then deliver it yourself if you'd like.

I usually try to deliver the foods myself and let the waiter and waitress deliver the drinks, so that I don't have to figure out which drink is which. A cream latte looks exactly like a mint latte when sitting on the counter!


Re:Drink cards on the serving table

[Post New]by SexyViciousAngel on Feb 24, 13 9:54 AM
The staff are a pain. They move wayyyyyyy too slow and get in the way, take FOREVER to restock and don't bother to remake the drinks when the machines are empty. I fired them all and am doing much better. The courier is cool, though, he just stands there and waits, doesn't block you when you need to get somewhere else.


Re:Drink cards on the serving table

[Post New]by SexyViciousAngel on Feb 25, 13 8:57 AM
Ummmm...the customers won't TAKE the drink cards. What am I missing?

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Re:Drink cards on the serving table

[Post New]by heidid on Mar 13, 13 11:07 PM
Here's what I think is going on with the drink cards. Sometimes the waitress makes a drink, but only if the base for it is ready. If she needs a French Chocolate for a customer but the Hot Chocolate machine is currently empty, she leaves a drink card. Either the player or the barista can make the requested drink. If you are holding the correct drink and then click on the corresponding card, the drink will replace it. At that point the waitress will eventually deliver the drink to the appropriate person.

Problems with the drink cards include:
1) Have to waste time hovering to find out what drink you need
2) Drinks get wasted if you end up serving the person before the order is filled
3) The process can take too long, losing a customer AND wasting a drink.

When it works nicely, however, it's pretty cool. I like seeing the barista guy go over & trade a drink for a card, and the waitress scoop it up & deliver it. Pretty neat.

And yes, I agree the staff are slow, but it improves a lot and they work with more initiative when you level them up & pay them maximum salary. I think it's worth it.

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Re:Drink cards on the serving table

[Post New]by VickiS531 on Jul 17, 13 2:09 PM
With the drink cards, you can either wait for the barista to make the drinks or you can make them yourself and then place them directly onto the card. The waiter will then pick up and deliver the drinks.

Hope that helps. Good luck everyone.

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