lost my saved games

[Post New]by hsarnoff on Sep 15, 12 12:37 PM
I was on level 30, played it a few times and lost. Suddenly all my saved games are gone. I have to start from the very beginning. Bummer. Is this what is supposed to happen or is it an error?

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Re:lost my saved games

[Post New]by NavyDood on Sep 17, 12 12:48 PM
I figured out why the game was not saving for me. Garden Panic runs/utilizes flash player so the save game file is part of Flash Player and only saves in the temporary internet files. I always run internet explorer "Delete browser history on exit" in internet options/browsing history because I don't like the unnecessary build up of temp files. I unchecked the "delete browser history on exit" box and I haven't had a single issue with the game saving for me for over three weeks now. I have gold on every level including the last level now. Now that I have beat the game, l go back to my old ways of keeping a clean browsing history computer everytime I close Internet Explorer.

The whole "Run as Administrator" has NO affect either way now that I figured out the issue is with Flash Player.

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