Unlock The Box In Stamp Room

[Post New]by usman1553 on Sep 19, 12 10:03 PM
We Need 5 Stamps To Unlock The Box i Find 4 Stamps But 1 Stamp Not Found
In walkthrough for help in read there the 5 number stamp have inspector in scortland Yard But How to get ?
Please Help Me.

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Re:Unlock The Box In Stamp Room

[Post New]by elijah5 on Oct 3, 12 9:06 PM
Hi usman 1553.
Just stopped by and found your post. Here is the answer.
To get the fifth stamp from the officer you have to solve the crimes on the bullentin board in the police station first. After that, he will give you the stamp when you exit the station. You will need a newspaper and letter from mailbox. Coin is in the phone booth next to him, open slot get coin for newspaper stand. Inside is a HOG scene where I think you get the key for mailbox. For cup of hot tea, you will get that after solving the fourth scroll.
Hope this helps

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