Please HELP with the puzzle in Submarine

[Post New]by Myosotys on Feb 10, 09 8:19 AM
Please Help I already used the key on submarine, but I don't know the combination to open the submarine door, Someone can HELP? Also the robot on the beach have almost the same Puzzle. Please Help, Thanks.


Re:Please HELP with the puzzle in Submarine

[Post New]by Andreo1950 on Feb 11, 09 3:16 PM
Myosotys...With games like this one, I enjoy trying to figure out the puzzles on my own, but there are times that I begin to go crazy when I cannot figure out how to solve an especially difficult one. So here is a link to a walkthrough for the game. I copied it into Microsoft Word, but you can copy it as a text file and save it on your PC for hints on how to solve all the puzzles. Heck, you can even print it out if you like! Here is the link to walkthrough

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