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[Post New]by hannah57 on Sep 21, 12 8:57 AM
I've just completed this game twice. If you listen to the guy who tells you when to upgrade buildings and build them, it sometimes screws you up because some of them are of no use anymore, like a woodcutter where the wood is all gone. I wouldn't upgrade that. I focused on the watchtowers to build and upgrade. I didn't use any help from walkthroughs so if I can get through it, anyone can.



[Post New]by PaulenLode on Oct 18, 12 5:38 AM
At last. For me the big helps were : only upgrade the sawmills, stonecutters, smokery and mint. NOT the woodcutters, mines and fishcabins. You save a lot of stones and wood this way and you won't get more supplies by upgrading the woodc. mines and fishc. The most important for me was ( after trying several times, I finally realised this ) building a workmens home next to the last watchtower. Immediately after finishing the last bridge. That will save you lots and lots of time. I DID IT ;-)



[Post New]by ZIPPURR on Sep 3, 14 2:03 PM
if you finished perhaps you can tell me where the Totem Pole watcher is hiding, got that far and then could go no further I have looked everywhere I think no one will talk to me until I find this fellow. HELP.

p.s. love this game

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