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Reviews for Astral Towers

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Sep 26, 12 12:38 AM
Hi Fishies!

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Re:Reviews for Astral Towers

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Sep 26, 12 12:39 AM
Hi Fishies,

I just wanted to add to the OP: This thread has been reserved for reviews only.

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Re:Reviews for Astral Towers

[Post New]by cbtx on Sep 26, 12 2:30 AM
I see I have the entire forum to myself, with bfgBaikal of course. So good morning to you, baikal, and anyone else that might drop in.

I like this game a lot. Not that I'm very good at this sort of thing, but with a little effort, I believe I can learn it!! To say it's like a solitaire game is completely wrong, but that's all I can think of. You use cards (like "Magic", maybe) to fight enemies on a quest to purify the land. The game is forgiving of mistakes with what appear to be unlimited do-overs.

You have several game options to from.

The graphics are very nice.

Easy to learn, something different, I'm buying. Give this one a try.

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Re:Reviews for Astral Towers

[Post New]by barbaralbb on Sep 26, 12 12:06 PM
Usually cbtx and I agree on games, but not in this case. It's just not my genre - reminds me of the card "war" games my kids used to play... and they loved them!

For fans of that type of game, this would be perfect option.

Happy gaming, fishies! I'll just wait to see what we get, tomorrow.


Re:Reviews for Astral Towers

[Post New]by sheilamilo on Sep 26, 12 2:55 PM
Ok, I find this really fun! And you can play a level as many times as needed to win, so a great intro to this kind of game for us who haven't played these before

'Cause I *like* to win


Re:Reviews for Astral Towers Pt 1

[Post New]by Bronze365 on Sep 28, 12 6:25 AM
I played one hour of the demo and was happy to purchase the full game immediately afterward. So far I've played 45 levels of the main campaign in easy and 14 in hard difficulties. 89 total levels are advertised for each difficulty setting. There is a real & notable difference between the two levels of difficulty as you face different configurations of enemies. You can also play hot seat mode or have skirmishes against computer opponents. I have yet to try either of these modes. The AI battles and the two difficulty settings suggest high re-playability value.

Options & UI: There are a few settings for different resolutions. Seems to have widescreen support but I do wish I had the option for 1440x900 my native widscreen res. I am running it at 1360x768 fullscreen and it looks fine regardless. You can play full screen or windowed. There are options to turn off sound or music. All reasonable options. There is an in game help button available at the main screen and in battles, just not on the world map.

The "story" is Standard fantasy trope, not all that engaging but a serviceable backdrop. Basically you are a young mage named Allister sent by the Circle of Mages to investigate some undead activity and cleanse the area of evil doers. Each area has a description but that is about it. In general the game does little in creating an immersive fantasy world.

The art in looks quite good, there is a definite style to the UI elements, your character avatar, the cards, and the battlegrounds. It all blends together really well. However the world map you travel upon however is lackluster and a bit cartoony. Maybe its because it is so bright and sparse?! It doesn't really mesh well with the rest of the game in my opinion.

The sound in game is good. I can honestly say that I am usually too caught up in the game play to really pay attention to the music. I haven't ever felt it was distracting or annoying. I think it serves its purpose sitting in the background while I think. Combat sounds and spell effects are well done and haven't become repetitive.

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Re:Reviews for Astral Towers Pt 2

[Post New]by Bronze365 on Sep 28, 12 6:27 AM
The card battles are great. Beware they are addictive! Just one more battle before bed...sure! The gist is that Allister, your summoned creatures, and your spells are represented by cards on a battlefield. Everything is turn based. You get 1 "mana" in each spell category per turn to fuel your spells. You can only cast one card per turn. If Allister is eliminated you lose. Likewise there is usually an enemy that is the "boss". If you can take it out, you win. I say usually because I've had few battles where I thought I won, but it turns out I had to kill off the rest of the board.

There is real strategy involved. Sometimes you have to kill off the enemies protecting a boss to get damage through to him, other times you can splash damage around the enemy obstacles. There are ranks (the placement) of your creatures and the enemies to consider.

Overall it is a fairly interesting system that feels a lot like solving a number puzzle. I
say this because your enemy may begin with a number of creatures already on the board. You have to logically figure out how to survive, turn the odds in your favor and ultimately win. If you are victorious, you unlock new spell cards (the tin says 127 cards to collect) and gain gear to improve Allister's abilities. If you lose, well you just try again without penalty.


The written dialogue is a little off. The phrasing and tense are odd. Once I had a look at the credit screen, it seems that the developers may not be native English speakers. There is a English Editor listed but I'm not sure what happened here. Its rough around the edges but it does not detract from your understanding of anything.

Sometimes when I win a battle and unlock a new spell or item, there isn't an after battle popup telling me this. I would enter the next battle or review my hero screen and all the sudden I had new stuff to use. The game has been inconsistent in this.

A few particularly hard challenges that led to trial and error frustration trying to figure out the correct sequence of play.


Sometimes your path on the world map branches, giving you a choice of two battles. Oftentimes you need to complete one first to get a new spell or a piece of gear that will give you a fighting chance in the other. The difficult part is figuring out which one is which, be persistent.

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Re:Reviews for Astral Towers

[Post New]by Eoarod on Oct 1, 12 8:30 PM
First - bra-va Bronze! Quite a review for your third post! You've given a great review - so I'll just give my on the game...mind I've been playing Magic the Gathering since...what year did it come out? Yeah - since then so I felt right at home with this game & went in with a good understanding of the strategy that would be involved, etc & knowing "the language" of these types of games!

However - anyone who plays Magic (or Lord of the Rings, Star Trek...etc) card games knows the bummer can sometime be finding someone to play with - Astral Towers solves that!

Needless to say - a buy for me - happy gaming!


Re:Reviews for Astral Towers

[Post New]by Bronze365 on Oct 2, 12 5:06 PM
Thanks Eoarod for the thumbs up on my review. I went a little overboard with length and doubted anyone would read it. Glad to see that someone else agreed with the assessment.

I've played a whole heck of a lot of MtG on the PC (Duels of the Planeswalkers) and the usual cardboard format. Also played a bunch of Marvel Vs system & Shadow Era (if you haven't heard of this last one, look it up online, its a pretty good free to play online CCG).

I love CCG's but can't really afford them anymore and don't have anyone else to play them with anyhow. When I saw this game I knew I had to see what it was all about. It's a decent system and worth playing for sure.

Happy gaming to you too.

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Re:Reviews for Astral Towers

[Post New]by longstockinggirl on Apr 9, 13 12:58 PM
I found this game last weekend with the fantasy games sale... And I am so happy I did. My family plays tabletop CCGs (Dominion is our current favorite) but I am loathe to go online to play with strangers. It seems most of the virtual CCG games out there are via internet with strangers, so I was Very Happy to find this one!

Bronze365, your review is amazing; in fact, you convinced me to try this game.

I sat down to play one round waiting on a phone call. 2 hours later, I am still playing. (Yes, I know, ) Astral Towers is totally addictive an engrossing. There is a learning curve, some rounds it is steeper than others. (One round I was completely clueless then suddenly, I won. I have no idea how. Currently, I am not sure I will ever win my current round. But it is too much fun to give up!)

All in all, absolutely worth it. Great game. for the game and the review.

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