Ho-Hum, excuse me while I yawn

[Post New]by Tntitanz on Sep 26, 12 3:34 AM
Graphics are very well done and pretty, although somewhat "staid." Game storyline is good, but gameplay is not. Other than using the Hint button to find a couple of HO's, it is apparently not available for use in order to direct the player to the next step.

Sorry developers, but I have to give this one a very emphatic THUMBS DOWN!

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Re:Ho-Hum, excuse me while I yawn

[Post New]by bfgTokoro on Sep 26, 12 3:48 AM
Hi Tntitanz,

I'm sorry to hear this game did not meet your expectations, hopefully the next one will!

However, as we do like to keep the Forum open for any new game questions, hints or tips and so I will be locking this thread to keep things tidy.

If you would like to share your comment with other Fishies about this game, please feel free to swim on over to the ’Comments’ thread.

You may also submit a review for this game, you can do so in the official Review thread, that way we can include your opinion in the feedback we pass onto the developer.



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