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The Fire Tower (spoilers)

[Post New]by MarieNomad on Sep 26, 12 9:03 AM
How can I get the fire tower? No matter what I try, I can't seem to defeat the wave.

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Re:The Fire Tower (spoilers)

[Post New]by heidid on Sep 27, 12 12:29 PM
This one took a while, but I did finally beat it. My biggest piece of luck was that the Fire Tower did NOT summon the Death knight (HP 30, hits really hard). I'm not sure why - it did so on every other attempt.

I reserved my Craft & Death points, using the 2-pt ice elementals at the beginning to protect during initial rounds (I had a wall of 3 at one point). As soon as I was protected enough, I cast a dryad (the nature one that hits all enemies). As the ice dudes fell, I replaced them when I could until I had enough death points to cast the knight. Also, as soon as I had enough points and protection, I summoned the catapult. At that point, it was mostly just luck to keep all of them alive. The big earth elementals (HP 50) the tower summons are a pain, but the occasional fire demon summoner or just fire spell against one here & there finally did the trick.

Good luck! There's definitely a luck component as well as strategy.

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