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[Post New]by rikkemus on Sep 26, 12 4:19 PM
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How do you determine how many fire men you want? and the number of ordinary work, those who grow vegetables and raise money and fires in?

The panel; shoes, fire extinguisher, statue, book, saw and then forward it, it's something you have to activate?

I have a hard time getting workers to collect firewood, food and money. I try to click many times, also holding the click down, left and right click. Many times they do not bother to go all the way to the I click.

Please help me, because there is a lot of time to get them to obey.

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Re: Lazy work

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Jan 18, 13 7:54 PM
Sorry nobody's responded before.

You click on the fire to get as many firemen assigned as necessary.

You click on ripe crops or bearing bushes to collect food. For pig farms, if necessary you click once (I haven't needed 2 workers yet among the 1st 15 levels) to assign somebody.

I find that for the wood production building, you DO want 2 workers. Trees are a good kick-start in some levels so far, and in the early ones of course the only possibility for construction wood. But you've got plenty of other places to be clicking!

I don't understand what problem you're having with your lazy workers, so I can't help solve it.

Can you write a bit more? Even marginal writing gets clearer when there's more of it! (And your results are actually pretty good, just not complete enough.)

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