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The iPad version is here! September 28, 2012

[Post New]by bfgCimarron on Sep 28, 12 1:06 PM
Hey iFishies!
Hooray! The iPad version of this game is here. To check it out - click this link here
If you've already played this game on Mac or PC, the gameplay should be very similar - but if you have any game play questions specific to this version this thread is here for those very questions!
If you have any technical issues with the mobile version of this game just check out this help article here for further help:
iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
Or just get in contact with our Tech Support team and one of our reps would be happy to help out - or post in the Technical Issues thread for this game.
If you're new to our forums and would like to learn more about posting this article here: Forum Rules & FAQ page has some great information.
Happy gaming!

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Re:The iPad version is here! September 28, 2012

[Post New]by LittleFish884 on Oct 29, 12 2:06 PM
There is a major flaw with the iPad version, there is no way to reset the game if you are partly through, and wish to restart the game. I trialled the game weeks ago, so cannot remember the story, was now ready to restart & play, but was unable to do so.

There is no profile option, so you cannot change your profile, and as with a lot of game center games, there is no reset option. I had to delete the game & redownload, which is annoying, as these games take 3-4 hours to download. Game center games NEED a reset button!

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