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Screwdriver to fix laptop and items to fix stool.

[Post New]by Southla on Sep 29, 12 1:54 PM
Is it possible that there is a bit of a glitch here: I wish someone would post a spoiler about that darn stool (to be fixed)...nothing seems to work. I can go to the place with the boat but after picking up 2 random items...I can't seem to get anywhere. Someone help please. Same thing about the laptop.


Re:Screwdriver to fix laptop and items to fix stool.

[Post New]by tequilasue on Sep 30, 12 12:22 PM
after trying things you had listed, i went back to the boat found the scissors, umm think hammer and leg of checked everyplace around there good, then you go back to where the stool and suitcase and stuff are, you get 3 SOS games, thats where you get everything, hope it works for you.
am still working on the game hope to find more.

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