Part 3 Level 7

[Post New]by grandmacool on Oct 1, 12 11:13 AM
I need to get a load of iron delivered, but I am not allowed to clear the road, so the delivery is stuck on the bridge into the building site. I have replayed this several times and there is just no way to clear this particular piece of junk which means there can be no outside orders. GC

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Re:Part 3 Level 7

[Post New]by Starchild6 on May 21, 14 1:54 PM
Not sure what you mean! On this level, you never move past the Master Builder. That's why he changes locations. The first task requires you to clear everything next to and behind HQ. At that point, you have enough materials to make your first production load. The road to the exit arrow is clear.

Perhaps you were confusing your entrance and exit arrows.

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