concrete blocks

[Post New]by kbug1317 on Oct 1, 12 2:00 PM
Am I missing something? I have such a hard time trying to make a match over the concrete blocks to break them that I run out of time. I've tried different tools but they don't seem to work on these. Anyone have any tips? Help!

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Re:concrete blocks

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Oct 1, 12 6:57 PM
Welcome to the pond, kbug1317

Only a vertical match directly on top of a block will break the block. If there are stacks of blocks, each one takes one vertical match on top of it to break it. The powerups can't be used directly on blocks, but bombing the spaces immediately above them often reshuffles the pieces such that you will get matches cascading down that will break some of the blocks. Enjoy!

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