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Getting Shade - Stage 3, Level 5

[Post New]by dsegel on Oct 3, 12 10:54 AM
Just finished this level and there are altogether 6 sting rays you must find before you get Shade. Some of the "eyes" have coins around them and some of them don't. Circle the eyes until the image of the sting ray appears and go find the next one. One of the areas has a ring of coins with no eyes--that is the final one you need to get. The eyes will not appear until you get the other 5. After you find the other 5, the eyes will appear in that spot. It is a very large level with at least 5 houses in them. Also, don't go between the red gushers at the bottom center of the map until you get shade because if you do, you'll land right in the whirlpool and will have to go back and replay the level again to find Shade.

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