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Can't finish a quest - what happens?

[Post New]by tuskel on Oct 4, 12 5:03 AM
The scholars told me to explore the ancient building near my town - but I had already demolished it about 10 min ago to make more room for a market. So what happens? Can I progress or does the game stop after a while because of that? Or will the quest icon just stay there forever now?


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Re:Can't finish a quest - what happens?

[Post New]by LoriW on Dec 31, 12 7:16 PM
If you get a quest but have already carried out the task i.e. have already searched the ruin or erected the building then the quest should automatically complete. It takes a few seconds for the game to register that you have already done it but you should still get the reward.

This happened to me several times as I didn't always wait for a prompt before I built something, etc.

If you don't get the reward you haven't completed the quest.

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