Loco Mogul HELP

[Post New]by FunWhatever on Feb 11, 09 5:56 AM
Help i need a walkthrough, hints & tips anything.
need a clue as to best strategy for this game.
Can't find anything on the net at all.
Very grateful for any help at all, keep going bust, fed up starting back at the beginning.
Help please

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Re:Loco Mogul HELP

[Post New]by pfalcioni on Feb 15, 09 4:26 PM
Welcome to the forums! Unfortunately, I don't have much to help you out, but wanted to be sure you saw the tips that are listed here:
Customer Counter – In the upper right corner of your game screen you’ll see the same icon used to represent customers in the game with a number next to it. This tells you how many customers are on a map before you start surveying. Once you’ve found them all don’t waste extra funds doing unnecessary surveying and land clearing.

Hidden Experts – Hidden in the squares with hills needing to be flattened are experts. The Surveyor, Banker, Logger, Digger, Engineer and Sheriff all offer you their skills to make the level easier. If you land on the space with an expert an icon will appear. Click on the icon for a little extra help!

In Game Hints – If you click on the man in a top hat in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, a list of helpful hints will appear. These will have all the tips you’ll need to become a Loco Mogul.

I agree there's not much info in the regular places I look for help. Someone at Jay Is Games has reviewed it, but none of the usual helpful batch of regulars has chimed in with any additional info or walkthroughs. If you have a specific question, you might think about asking there also, as it's a very active forum. There is also usually an active forum at gamezebo, although it currently has only two participants for Loco Mogul.

For some reason this title seems to have sort of fallen through the cracks.


Re:Loco Mogul HELP

[Post New]by FunWhatever on Feb 26, 09 12:48 AM
Thanks for tips. I have managed to get to grips with the game now but very dissapointed. This game could have gone so much further but comes to an early finish. I would have liked to be able to run the train for longer with more challenging pickups. A sandbox at the end would have been good.
Oh well back to latest game farm frenzy pizzas now.

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Re:Loco Mogul HELP

[Post New]by parriepenn on Mar 25, 09 7:41 AM

I said there were 19 levels, but level 20 is the sandbox, & it is only one level. The best way I found to beat this game is...

1. Ignore the 1 or 2 customers on the far reaches of the board. It costs too much money to get there for too little return.

2. Don't survey the entire board; HUGH bucks there! Sometimes I don't even survey all the customers if I'm low on money.

3. Keep the track as square & small as you can. This is hard to do, but the more complex & bigger the track, the less money you'll make.

4. Also, the more stations you have, the more likely you'll have to bypass some cars since you"ll be full up, so double & triple-up customers when you can.

This is what I figured out playing this game, & I'm beating it regularly now. I like this game because it's so different from the others, but I wish there were more to it.

Good luck & hope this helps.

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