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[Post New]by Nagasse on Oct 6, 12 3:35 PM
Pretty good game, interesting storyline, and the graphics and play were fun. I wasnt too crazy about some of the short games, especially the brain waves that never wanted to align but you can work at it or skip it. Either way the game was good. Sad, the family had to be broken but obviously the husband went crazy with grief once the wife was in a coma. At least the wife and stephanie remain, the other patients died but it was a good game.

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[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Oct 6, 12 5:03 PM
Hi Nagasse,

I'm so glad to hear that you liked Committed: Mystery at Shady Pines! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the Pond.
We do already have a thread that we're dedicating to reviews here and another for more general comments on the game here
Since we like to keep the feedback for the game all together in these threads (to make it easy for other Fishies to find), I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread now.
I hope you'll re-post your thoughts in one or both of those other threads as well.
Thanks again!


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