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Exact locations for the 21 Angel Statues

[Post New]by jill165x on Oct 6, 12 4:17 PM
Game Start - 1
Opening Room – on the nightstand by the bed
*Pick it up first; you can’t come back to this room.*

Arrival at Monastery 2-3
Entrance Arch – to the right side on the ground.
Kitchen - on the top shelf to the right.

After Supper 4-7
Angel Courtyard – in a snow bank to the right
Barn/Stable – on the ground to the left
Well Courtyard – in a round window to the left
Greenhouse – by the leftmost oven

Next Morning 8-10
Outside of Church – on the ground to the left
Just inside the Church – to the upper right
Sancristy room – top shelf to the left

Midnight 11-12
Office – in a chair to the right
Storage – in a pot

Village 13-14
Inn – by the rightmost column
House – in the first room, in a basket

At Night, above ground 15-17
Tool room above Inn – in a barrel
Labyrinth – under a cross
Labyrinth Chapel – to the right on a bench

At Night, inside Well/underground 18-20
Altar Room – in the left recess
Organ – on the ground before the zoom-in
Staircase puzzle – on the ground to the left

*You can not leave the final room once you enter.*

Final room, to the left of the Angel 21

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Re:Exact locations for the 21 Angel Statues

[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Oct 7, 12 12:35 PM
Hi jill165x,

Thanks for taking the time to post this info!

I'm sure it will help a lot of other Fishies, and I'm going to go ahead and sticky it to the top of the Forum now so it will be easier for other players to find.

Thanks again!


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