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Complete video playthrough available + general tips

[Post New]by sipason on Oct 7, 12 5:59 PM
When I first played this game, all flowerbeds were gone before level 10 thus I've given up playing this one, but now this game works without any problem...

So I uploaded a complete walkthrough for this game.

Please search 'Sunshine Acres Level (number)' in youtube or google to watch the videos if you're interested in.

Also, I have some tips for the entire game.

- Try to plant something in all spots if able.
Even if you harvest only 1 product from a plant, you still earn money.

Well, there are some exceptions though.
Don't plant sunflowers if you can plant tomatoes/peppers.
This applies the same to corns-cucumbers.

- Apply dynagrow, medicine, and fertilizer asap for all plants.

Check the disease then apply medicine?
That'll be much more confusing, thus wasting more time.
Just apply 5 medicines, then forget the disease!
(A pack of medicine is very cheap compared to tomato/pepper seeds.)

- Use hydrolizer only and always for corns, unless you already have sprinklers.

Corns must be tilled twice to get 3 crates of corn.
(Initial heart + two 1/2 hearts from tilling + a heart from dynagrow)
You can't till twice if you water corns with cans.

- Peppers and cucumbers must be tilled three times.
Install sprinklers to skip watering.
Apply medicine, shear/apply fertilizer, till, till, and till.
All peppers and cucumbers will produce 3 creates unless sprinklers stop watering.

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