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"SPOILER" Calendar Pieces Locations;

[Post New]by elijah5 on Oct 11, 12 9:02 AM
1. Hold Door
2. Bow- box right hand side of Idol
3. Fore Deck-Next to Bell (needs clapper) on right hand side of post
4. Armory-Left Hand side on floor next to chest
5. Lower Deck, Inside Armor (needs shield & sword)
6. Brig- On wall next to skeleton
7. Captains Bedroom- Left side on table (where papyrus scroll is)
8. Captains Quarters- Right side of Fireplace in the ashes
9. Galley- Right hand side in ashes (where you needed logs)
10. Treasure Room- Below Trumpet on shelf
11. Mayan Slab- In box (where you needed to move the mice)
12. Angel Statue- Inside Satchel (after given her the trumpet)
13. Infirmary Door
14. Portal- Bottom left after inserting 3 gods
15. Cabin Boys Room- Left side on table next to thread
16. Infirmary- Inside chair seat on right hand side (need knife)
17. Storage Room- Desk drawer (need special wrench)
18. Middle Deck- On jaw of skull (for hatch lever)
19. Brig- After resuce of partner, below jail door
20. Crows Nest- Insert skull in box, inside
21. Corridor- Click on Sharks mouth
22. Purser's Quarters- Inside book on Left side of table
23. Balcony- Inside chest
24. Sentry Room- After solving puzzle with cubes
25. Dining Room- After solving puzzle (where you get the acid)
26. Music Room- Inside pillow on couch
27. Navigation Room- On Table
28. Aft Deck- Under Paints
29. Ships Helm- Floor on left hand side
30. Upper Deck- On Post, after putting patterned plate on
31. Engineering Room- On Floor
32. Telescope- After Puzzle

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Re:"SPOILER" Calendar Pieces Locations;

[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Oct 11, 12 9:51 AM
Hi elijah5,

Thanks so much for taking the time to compile this list for the other Fishies playing this game!

I'm going to add a sticky to this thread now to make it easier for everyone to find.


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