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Also Have a ? About 5-7

[Post New]by Yaelle on Oct 12, 12 1:44 AM
I dont have enough metal beams to upgrade the last building....and you cannot order anything. I'm totally stumped!!
I even looked all around on the ground to see if there were some to pick up but nothin!
What am I missing here?

BTW I may be calling it the wrong thing but pretty sure its metal beams. What on earth?!

Hope someone can help.

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Re:Also Have a ? About 5-7

[Post New]by 123mikey321 on Nov 12, 12 5:51 PM
If I remember correctly I cleared the two large orange block, worked on clearing all the trees across the paths and other items plus picked everything up I could. Also, cut the trees down and made sure I had a path to them to collect them. They are what you were probably lacking to upgrade all the buildings. Meanwhile, upgrade buildings when you can, the foundry & sawmill & bank, then build a quarry next to home. Make sure you have enough wood to upgrade the quarry, mine, 10 to build, 20 1st upgrade and 20 or 40 for last upgrade. Put another bank in and then start buying supplies. I finished w/ 11:40 left so if you need a better walk-through, I'll play again and let you know. Good Luck

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