Where is the Wash Room

[Post New]by DonnaJoeAZ on Oct 15, 12 8:54 AM
I can't find the wash room (bathroom) to get the third stick. I have searched every room. Please I need help because I was enjoying this game so much and not fun being stuck.

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Re:Where is the Wash Room

[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Oct 15, 12 12:19 PM
Hi DonnaJoeAZ,

I haven't played this C.E. yet, but I checked the walkthrough we have for the standard version, and I think I found some info that might help.

It looks like the washroom is through the center door when you're in the Admin Building. You can click here to see a screenshot of the door. (I think it means the one directly across from you that's open a bit.)

If you'd like to scroll through the full walkthrough as well, you can check it out by clicking right here. Even though you have the Collector's Edition, the gameplay is pretty similar, so it should be a good guide through most of the game.

Also, one of the bonus features in this Collector's Edition is an Integrated Strategy Guide. If you look through there, you might get some more information about how to find the washroom and move on too. You can access it right while you're in the game by clicking the little green orb in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen (to the left of the Hint button).

Hope that helps!


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