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Gift Wrapping, Upgrading and the First Mini-Game

[Post New]by coffeeguy on Oct 16, 12 6:53 PM

1.How do you turn off gift wrapping?

2. The first mini-game that shows up - put 5 items in 3 boxes. I am just about finished one box when I hear the ticking meaning my time is almost up. So I am behind 2 whole boxes. Is there a trick to this?

3. I notice when I go to upgrade the store, for instance, the cookie machine, 1 of 2 things happen. The first is I want to get some $$$ for my basic, old cookie machine, so I pick that. Then the sell/buy boxes closes, and I have no cookie maker and I have to buy another BASIC cookie maker when I already had one. OR, I choose to upgrade. When I do that, I don't get any money from my old machine. Anyone know how to upgrade without not getting money for your old stuff?

Thanks in advance

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Re:Gift Wrapping, Upgrading and the First Mini-Game

[Post New]by roxiestar74 on Nov 1, 12 8:13 PM
Not sure about number 2 and 3, but the answer to number 1 is this:

When you go in to the shop upgrades, click on the items that can be bought, and when you click on the gift wrap stand, a window should pop up that allows you to sell or upgrade the wrap stand, and you can select sell. Once you sell the item, it no longer is a part of the game. I find that I am much faster without the gift wrap so it has worked better for me to not have it in the game. Good luck!

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