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Witches Book

[Post New]by ValerieG on Oct 17, 12 6:47 PM
Does anyone know where page 22 is? It's the only page I missed and can't put the book on the alter without it....and I don't want to go thru every room again looking for it.

Sheesh, the map is so totally useless, was a waste of dev's time to put it on the game


Re:Witches Book

[Post New]by paulsbills25 on Oct 29, 12 10:51 AM
I am stuck too. Did u ever find it.

Madeline trovato


Re:Witches Book

[Post New]by willful on Oct 29, 12 11:32 AM
Could you just put in a list of page numbers and locations? I've retraced my steps again and again but am missing pages 17 and 22. I'd just like to get to my bonus chapter without replaying the whole game.

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