iPad - sifting dirt

[Post New]by KSkold on Oct 19, 12 1:05 AM
Beautiful game, and I've been enjoying it very much.

Until I tried sifting dirt in that astonishing frog. It makes noises and lights up, but I can't get at whatever's in there.

I read the answers to this question for, I think, a desktop computer, to go faster. I've tried...

Can anyone give me a hint on getting past this?



Re:iPad - sifting dirt

[Post New]by KSkold on Oct 19, 12 8:22 PM
Figured it out! I'm not used to games that use the accelerometer.

You shake the iPad left and right.

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Re:iPad - sifting dirt

[Post New]by LittleFish884 on Oct 21, 12 3:17 AM
Taa, that is what I could not work out.

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