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Can anyone explain the end?

[Post New]by Snowview on Oct 19, 12 9:00 AM
OK, I thought it was a pretty good story even though it was interrpted by the match3 games. Until near the end when the motive became clear. That I understood. But who did it? They showed a guy in chains playing a piano. Was it the one who's door was locked that we never saw or someone else?
You can PM me if you don't want to put a spoiler in the message but it seems buy the name of the titiel of my query someone who didn't want to know wouldn't look.

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Re:Can anyone explain the end?

[Post New]by Mojave_Rain on Oct 30, 12 9:24 AM
In a word; no.

Loved the music, loved the match three boards, some of the most beautiful tiles I've ever seen in a game but the story was odd and not so coherent and the ending was totally out there.

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