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Finally - I remain confused!

[Post New]by Dianeteacher on Oct 20, 12 8:36 PM
Well, I actually finished the game. I needed help from three different walkthroughs and youtube! BF, who ever did your walkthrough missed some very important points for the game. The cafe in Cairo comes to memory. You need to play the dice game with Fatima immediately after speaking to the first artisan who is getting the name of the collector. Many important, yet subtle steps were left out and put in as happenstance.

Oh, well...if you are still playing this game - SAVE OFTEN, SAVE OFTEN AND SAFE OFTEN - YES, I SAID - SAVE OFTEN!!!!!

See you around the pond...

I am off to play an easy game - The Brink of Consciousness. That is where COM-TOL has left me on...

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