Fully upgraded flower/cake shop

[Post New]by jonheffley on Oct 21, 12 10:09 PM
On the cake and flower games, I am acing the levels, sometimes getting twice as much money as is necessary for Superstar, and yet as I reach the end, I find I have not earned enough money to upgrade everything. Is it just me? It seems like superstar-level scores ought to be enough to upgrade everything by the end. Is there a way to get other money or repeat levels for extra money?

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Re:Fully upgraded flower/cake shop

[Post New]by lucyfres on Oct 24, 12 7:05 PM
I also noticed this and wondered why it seemed impossible to fully upgrade when you are nearing the end of the levels. When I replay a level it doesn't allow me to shop again, but wonder if I upgrade and then go back to beginning? I haven't tried that. But once you've gotten the superstar, it's hard to want to go back to play a level again....at least for me anyway. I have enjoyed this silly little game. It's childish, but fun.


Re:Fully upgraded flower/cake shop

[Post New]by RubberSalad on Nov 12, 12 9:42 AM
You don't need to fully upgrade the shop; it's intentional. You can run the last few levels fine, even without all upgrades.

I'll agree though, I didn't like this. You can fully upgrade the shop in other Cake Mania games too.


Re:Fully upgraded flower/cake shop

[Post New]by monkeyfries on Sep 6, 14 1:36 PM
I have to agree but wat gets me is that I get all superstar and I can get the flower shop more to fully upgraded (I don't really that second bow wrapper so I sold it) I mean I get some gold equiptment but in the bakery I can only get like the purple stuff ik the bakery has more items but still it is kinda frusterating cause in the burger barn and the sushi place u can get EVERYTHING

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