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Reviews for Halloween: The Pirate's Curse

[Post New]by bfgTokoro on Oct 24, 12 12:40 AM
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Re:Reviews for Halloween: The Pirate's Curse

[Post New]by bfgTokoro on Oct 24, 12 12:41 AM
Hi Fishies,

I just wanted to add to the OP: This thread has been reserved for reviews only.

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Re:Reviews for Halloween: The Pirate's Curse

[Post New]by Valdy on Oct 24, 12 1:42 AM
Morning, all...

There are 2 gameplay modes.

However, there is a TIMER (can't play without it) when you are in the HOS (hidden object scenes). It starts at 5 minutes and counts down.

And here comes the part that makes me wonder why there is a timer: If you don't find all the objects within the given time (and you should, because the HINT button refills within 15 seconds), the timer just stops at zero, and you can continue.

There is also a "Score" button next to the timer, and I assume that if you make it within the time given, you get a higher score.

Some hidden objects, it seems, give you a bonus or penalty points, depending on some Skill game you an stop. Don't ask me what that is about. I didn't have the energy to find out.

Puzzles can be skipped. Here you also get a timer that gives you 5 minutes. Again, if you make it in time and without skipping, you get extra points.

Some objects in the HOS are hidden, but you don't know which ones, because their names have the same colour as those lying around in the open. However, your cursor will change to a magnifying glass when you find a "hidden" object.

There is one slider for both the background sound and music, and a slider for the sound effects.

There is no widescreen.

There is no voice-over.

There is only the lime-green custom cursor.

--- --- ---

This is a basic HOG, with basic graphics. The game plays in a Mall, and the HOS are junk piles. I wouldn't want to play this game if I got it for nothing, and certainly won't buy it.

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Re:Reviews for Halloween: The Pirate's Curse

[Post New]by Hoggywizard on Oct 24, 12 2:41 AM

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Re:Reviews for Halloween: The Pirate's Curse

[Post New]by Nijimasu on Oct 24, 12 6:57 AM
Since I loved Halloween: Trick or Treat, I'm at least trying the demo.

The hero and heroine of the first game have grown a bit, and are visiting settings aimed more at tween age kids than at the younger audience.

The cursor has been a bit stiff and clumsy for me. The music includes tunes from the first game, along with new ones, and there are more sound effects than in the first game.

I'll give a more thorough review once/if I finish the game, but otherwise, this is probably a buy if you really enjoyed Halloween: Trick or Treat.

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Re:Reviews for Halloween: The Pirate's Curse

[Post New]by Eoarod on Oct 24, 12 8:39 AM
Will be a buy for me, but again I love, love Halloween & really enjoyed last's year's Halloween: Trick or Treat!

Cursor is pretty floaty - very frustrating in a timed game - then again it takes forever to find some of the teeeeeny objects (par for the Halloween not unexpected) - so I guess I'm not flying through this game anyway but it may prove frustrating on future play throughs when I'm "up to speed" option to change out of custom cursor

There's a change up in the "skill game" (clicking on an item when it's either a skull or a Jack O Lantern" - which seems to make it a little easier - but it may not really BE easier but I'm enjoying the twist anyway!

Yep these are major junkpiles - but they are what you expect in this series & the hint recharges super fast in casual & fairly fast in harder mode. I'm really enjoying the sound effects & bright colors & "bright creepiness" which may make no sense - but it's the only way to describe it! Just don't let the bright colors & "cute" aspects fool you - the H0 scenes are challenging!!!

Upshot - if you liked the first one - odds are you'll like this one! If you've tried neither - give it a go; it just may be your Halloween Guilty Pleasure!

Happy Gaming!

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Re:Reviews for Halloween: The Pirate's Curse

[Post New]by FishyFemale on Oct 24, 12 1:34 PM
Absolutely love this game! Although I've only played the demo, I had no technological problems with it and enjoyed all the sights, sounds and puzzles that were there. I appreciated the devs using real people in the scenes too...and especially in the HO scenes where I've never seen that done before. I started out being able to find that pesky vampire quite easily but in later scenes, he had gotten better at hiding from me. This game reminded me of Madame Fate in that you get to hear the background noises of the people and music in each scene, and the sound effects of the monsters were a delightful touch! It's definitely on the easier side and is tailor-made for those who like to take a break from all the doom and gloom seriousness of the harder games. Love it!!!

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Re:Reviews for Halloween: The Pirate's Curse

[Post New]by kdubs on Oct 24, 12 1:40 PM
Passed on last year's Halloween: Trick and Treat. It seemed odd looking for Candy Canes. But this year, Halloween: The Pirate's Curse is comin' home to Mama.
I love the improved mini-games. Definitely greater variety and challenge than last year's game.
I appreciate that the timer is just for score purposes and the hints refill very quickly in Casual Mode. Taking my time to hunt down that teensy little vampire is relaxing.
The graphics are very colorful and for the most part items seem to have been fairly sized. Plus the music for Pirate's Curse seems much more Halloween-ie to me. The opening song is one of the songs used in the Match-3 game Tricks and Treats so I got a little confused. But dev's for Tricks and Treats are different than dev's who made this game.
I'm getting quite a Holiday game collection going. Fun!

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Re:Reviews for Halloween: The Pirate's Curse

[Post New]by Lord_Lollipop on Oct 27, 12 1:47 AM
Kind of a yawner.
No sale, thanks.

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Re:Reviews for Halloween: The Pirate's Curse

[Post New]by Jurinne on Oct 28, 12 4:12 PM
My eyes are much too weak to find the objects in the HOS. The first one is chock-full of items. I can't even identify them when the HINT button leads me to them. As the HINT button refills so quickly I found myself simply clicking on it and not trying to find the tiny objects at all. I still got a headache.

I wish I could find the spooky, eerie, creepy Halloween games. For some reason games like "Halloween: the Pirate's Curse" are "recommended" for me. I was hoping I could spend Halloween playing scary games (no movies as I have no TV service).

I'm very disappointed in this game and in every "Halloweenish" game I have tried.

This game is definitely a no-buy for me. As another reviewer stated, he/she would not play the game for free. I concur.

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