Drink Vendor....4 tankards

[Post New]by Snooker96 on Oct 26, 12 6:41 AM
I emptied all the screen of tankards, wiped off the one, put together another one and
absolutely none are shown on the drink vendor's screen. It still shows 4 tankards to find and I am completely stuck! HELP!

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Re:Drink Vendor....4 tankards

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Oct 27, 12 5:48 AM
Hi Snooker96,

Welcome to the Pond!

Please check out the following screenshot from the Awakening: The Goblin Kingdom Walkthrough, which shows the location of all 12 tankards!

12 Tamkards

Hope this helps and happy gaming!



Re:Drink Vendor....4 tankards

[Post New]by Snooker96 on Oct 27, 12 7:48 PM
Thank you so much for replying. Well......the wooden crate has pottery in it and not any tankards. I am also missing two more but they are not in the pic. I am wondering if I have one lost....I don't know what to think.

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