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I Enjoyed This Game

[Post New]by Just_Joie on Feb 12, 09 6:55 PM
I was totally astonished at the bad reviews for this game, and had to join the forum to add my review.

It is a simple, clever, puzzle game, in which one matches up tree to tree to grow the 5 star one for the level. Tree eating bugs, the need to water at varying paces depending on where in the Kingdom one is restoring the trees to bring back the life to the kingdom is just a sort of framework to put it into and to add some stress. There is not a one way to win or one series of combos to get the 5 star tree. It is a matter of grabbing the next best option if you get overwhelmed with bugs or drought. One has to remember that the point is to get the 5 star tree created, not keep a whole grovelet alive under all circumstances . It takes a LITTLE thought, but nothing strenuous to play, enjoy and win the game.

There were time limits, but they were generous. I ran out once, but usually had plenty left over. I finished the game in about 12 hours, playing casually, with several breaks.

Some of the graphics and backgrounds were pretty. Now I am done, it looks like I can go back and mess around at my own pace, create my own trees, and similar.

I'm no fan of HO games or high stress time management games with too little time. This was a rather mindless break and change of pace and does not deserve the bad reviews here, especially from people who only played a few minutes of the demo.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, this warrants a 6 or 7.

I have zero to do with this game or whoever made it, I am just a member of Bigfish for a couple years now, and I play tons of games from here. This is not my favorite, but it is not nearly the worst I have played. It was well put together, coherent, simplistic storyline, and ended right in time before I got truly bored with trees.

My opinion,


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Re:I Enjoyed This Game

[Post New]by APFamily on Feb 14, 09 12:30 AM
Hi, Joie! (I like the spelling of your name!) I came here to say something very similar. I bought this game and just finished it and it's one of the best games I ever played. I really enjoyed it. So beautiful and fun! It really doesn't take long at all to unlock the special features on this game, like the encyclopedia and free gardening and tree designer and they are tons of fun! My 6-year-old daughter just loves designing the trees and the free gardening feature and I enjoy it, too! There's so much to explore in this game. At first, I had trouble finishing before the time ran out, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy. So many different tree combinations, not just one specific result you have to find. Really fun game!! Try it again to those of you who tried it before and liked it a little and if you've never tried it but are interested, give it a go!


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