[Post New]by nancyplay993 on Oct 30, 12 9:21 AM
where is the other weight,that goes on the scales?

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[Post New]by letsdoit on Oct 30, 12 8:52 PM
UPDATE!....I found it!...that little silver spot at the right end of the scale is the WEIGHT u need to place on other side....OH! thank goodness!


I AM STUCK AT SAME PLACE? ... nancyplay

Maybe a kind soul can help out! ...SG shows only the scales in green circle but not where that 'weight' is in this HOS

Usually since the SG points out the 'cheating kinda answer' it sure does not point out where the 'OTHER' weight is....If u do hint the 'hintress' she just circles the scales and nothing else!

The place in the shoe repair shop and IF can get an answer ... the HOS will give the 'tape measure' to do the 'fit the shoe' puzzle!

Otherwise the game it kind of STUCK at this point...I am having 'withdrawals' if I can keep playing this great game!

Lets ...

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[Post New]by sassybee on Nov 10, 12 2:56 PM
Thanks letsdoit. You saved my pc and a window. lol

Seriously, I'm having multiple glitches and ready to close this game forever. Awesome graphics though.

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