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Reviews for Mystery of the Ancients:Curse of the Black Water

[Post New]by Poutoule on Nov 1, 12 12:55 AM
Played 25 minutes, casual

- 3 modes, casual, advanced, hardcore
- 15 achievements to perform throughout the game, no hint in H0, no skip, etc
- Throughout the game you have to collect 39 turtles
- Integrated SG, stays on the page you leave, didn't show the number of chapters
- Note book
- Map which show objectives, you can jump from one place to another
- Voice overs
- Hint useful outside H0, refill quickly casual
- Skip button fills quickly too
- H0, you interact, you have to find an object to get another one
- Interesting mini games
- Gorgeous graphics
- Good music

A monster has taken over a deserted town but for archeologists. Interesting story (ancient undersea city). Beautiful game which is an instant buy for me

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Re:Reviews for Mystery of the Ancients:Curse of the Black Water

[Post New]by saphhire on Nov 1, 12 1:06 AM
I have mixed feelings about this game. It seems to be on the short side. I'll wait until others give me some hints on the length.
The hard core is that, no nothing................so it will be nice and long for you die hards.................................Don't think its CE material................... but I have to say nice graphics.
voice overs..........turned it off
hint button..........quick refill not to good outside of HO's(nothing to do here)but you do have the map..to tell you where you objectives are.
overall................GOOD GAME...........

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Re:Reviews for Mystery of the Ancients:Curse of the Black Water Collector's Edition

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Nov 1, 12 1:13 AM
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Re:Reviews for Mystery of the Ancients:Curse of the Black Water

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Nov 1, 12 1:13 AM
Hi Fishies,

I just wanted to add to the OP: This thread has been reserved for reviews only.

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Re:Reviews for Mystery of the Ancients:Curse of the Black Water

[Post New]by cbtx on Nov 1, 12 1:56 AM

From a development team we don't see very often comes this cleverly done tale of a couple of missing archeologists who have discovered an ancient underwater city. (guarded by a kraken with a high IQ?)
The game pulled me in immediately as the kraken pulverizes a bridge leading into town, and off we go. Throw any believability out ther door which is how I'm sure the devs intended it. High energy and fun from the beginning!

The graphics are very nice, the art work too, and the game's mechanics and flow are excellent.

Opens in a widescreen presentation!

There is an interactive map, with a sub map, that allows you to jump from scene to scene.

There are turtles to collect, but I didn't pay much attention to why. Still fun, though.

The HOS are nicely done, with different types of interaction.

The usual hodge-podge of CE extras are there, and it seems all are available immediately except for the bonus play.

So it's a buy for me, and, as always, take advantage of the free trial!

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Re:Reviews for Mystery of the Ancients:Curse of the Black Water

[Post New]by chiari_survivor on Nov 1, 12 2:06 AM
Mystery of the Ancients, Curse of the Black Water CE
Your traveling to the seaside town of Black Water to check up on 2 archaeologists who have not been heard from in several days. The remaining residents of the town were evacuated once the water turned black and scary sightings started happening. I’ll start by confessing up front “I’m a wimp!!! Start the game by watching the opening screen with the buoy floating in the water… then the buoy is then moved by something…something BIGGG! I made it past that without a problem & about to the 45 minute range but almost fled while still on the pier. If you make it through the 1 hour demo then you have nerves of steel and my hat is off to you! For me my dreams are too vivid for this kind of game this late at night! I live on the Southern Oregon Coast and maybe this is just too close to what my nightmares are already made of.
Awesome graphics, very appropriate music, options to adjust the music, effects & ambient sounds, custom cursor & full screen options. Wide screen worked for me plus interactive map to save time. Each player has a running total of time spent in the game where you sign in under your name the time total is off to the right of your name when you re sign in after exiting. This game is by the same developers that made Lockwood Manor and Kate Arrow Deserted Wood.
Extra content in this CE is 7 sound tracks, 10 Concept Art drawings, 11 Wallpapers and bonus game material. The music titles were Memories of Water, Abandoned Town, Monuments, Kraken, Castles in the Air, A Dream and Clue to the Riddle. The Concept art were more incomplete than I like in the artwork and reminded me of water color art. The Wallpaper art were very nice and as scared as certain scenes made me I am surprised a couple other scenes were not in the selections. There are also 15 Achievements. The first is for finding all of the 39 items, one from each scene(…don't highlight if you do not want to know...turtles……) and you’ll earn the elite detective if you complete the game in under 6 hours so a very good length. Recommended for those who have nerves of steel and enjoy adrenalin rushes and worrying about what is around the corner….even in places they should not be! Best not to be holding your coffee or cocoa mugs over your keyboard while playing this game as there will be times you jump.

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Re:Reviews for Mystery of the Ancients:Curse of the Black Water

[Post New]by Valdy on Nov 1, 12 2:30 AM
Morning, all...

There are 3 gameplay modes: Casual, Adventure, Hardcore.

There is a choice of Custom and System cursor. The Custom cursor could have been a little smaller, IMO.

There is automatic Widescreen.

There is Voice-over.

There are 39 Turtles to be found.

There are Achievements.

Your Diary is at the left. The time played is displayed in the top left-hand corner of the diary when open.

The HINT button, which also works outside of the HOS (hidden object scenes), is at the right and, I am happy to say, only takes about 20 seconds to refill in Casual mode.

Your SG (strategy guide) is also at the right, and stays open where you last left it open.

You also have a MAP, which is also at the right. On the "General Map" it shows you where you are, and where some action needs to be taken.
Click on the green cross (your position), and you get to a more detailed map, which also shows you where you are, where actions need to be taken, where the turtles can be found, AND you can jump from this part of the map.
Also, when you hover over each of the yellow exclamation marks (actions), you get to see a picture of each place.

The HOS are partly interactive.

Puzzles can be skipped. I am very happy to see that the SKIP button only takes about 30 seconds to fill in Casual mode.

--- --- ---

I didn't have much luck with the last "Mystery of the Ancients" game, and was a little apprehensive when I started to demo this game.

However, I am loving it. It's very different, and much better all round: better graphics, better gameplay, and lots of things to do and see.

I will definitely buy this game, I just don't know whether I will buy the CE. So I rather wait to see what other gamers think of the bonus game before deciding.

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Re:Reviews for Mystery of the Ancients:Curse of the Black Water

[Post New]by laraly on Nov 1, 12 4:06 AM
What an excellent game! It's been a while since I haven't seen a game so good released, (beside the ultimate "Illicit Love", which it was a dream! This game equal as far as graphics, even if in a different way from "illicit love", it has great efxts sounds, the fall, windy enviroments it's just great, awsome puzzles and very intriguing story. I was just about to open the suitcase, after finding the code on the globemap, and the trial ended, nooooh, (But I have red all the story in the book and during the exploring) , so I really would like to know what's inside the siutcase, and I really would like to know the rest od the story and play it! So far 6

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Re:Reviews for Mystery of the Ancients:Curse of the Black Water

[Post New]by dancemom1 on Nov 1, 12 11:27 AM
Well, I have Kate Arrow and really liked it, but did not get the last Mystery of the Ancients..didn't care for that one at all. However, that said, this is a very nice game. Nice clear, clean graphics, nice music and game play. HOGs not difficult and fairly easy to see items, games not difficult at all.

Interesting story for a change. Would still benefit from a few voice-overs (maybe have some later in the game, but not that far yet), other than the girl screaming. Extremely intelligent Kraken, and pretty nasty looking up close, but it isn't scary (at least not to me). Some people may not care for it.

I really like the "jump" map. Very nice SG. Hint system has fairly fast recovery (always a plus). This is one of those games that makes me want to purchase to see what happens, so I definitely am going to get it.

As always, try it for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games and you may not care for it at all...your choice, your money. Thanks for the reviews.


Re:Reviews for Mystery of the Ancients:Curse of the Black Water

[Post New]by biscuitsmama on Nov 1, 12 12:07 PM
I purchased the game right away since I liked the first Mystery of the Ancients a lot. IMHO this one is far better than the first. Admittedly, I play games at a slow pace and have been at this for almost 6 hours (with a few breaks) and am nowhere near finished, so it looks like a nice long game.

There is widescreen that (for me) works automatically with no adjustments necessary. I like the graphics and the sound. There are voice overs as well throughout the game. This is a fun story with lots of archeology. The puzzles are fun and have only had to skip one so far 'cause it drove me nuts. LOL

If you jump in for the CE, I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.

Happy gaming!


Re:Reviews for Mystery of the Ancients:Curse of the Black Water

[Post New]by daisyduck352 on Nov 1, 12 12:11 PM
Enjoying the game so far. Like the puzzles and it seems to play smooth which I also like, Will get back later after I finish the trial and give any other coments. Like the map and it has tasks on it and when you click it takes you right to the task. It does have the anyoying "There is nothing to do here", but the map makes up for it. HOG's are clear and easy to see. Hints, you really can only use in some of the things, like HOG's but not to where you have to go next. Give this a 4 out of 5 stars..

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Re:Reviews for Mystery of the Ancients:Curse of the Black Water

[Post New]by edmee1947 on Nov 1, 12 1:32 PM
i finished the game(without bonus level,i usually keep for the next day,when there nothing to play....) and it took me 4h48 to finish!(the time you spend on the game is given at the end)the game is pleasant,beautiful but rather on easy side!i did not skip any puzzle and i did not use any hint on any Ho scene;so i don't wait something very long for the bonus level;i am rather an average player,i spend time watching the pictures!but please dev,make something for the screensaver to be placed in "my pictures"!habitually i make screenshots of the best landscape,but ,in this game,that does not work!so,no screensaver from this game!
it is not a big complain however!

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Re:Reviews for Mystery of the Ancients:Curse of the Black Water

[Post New]by sunnyglow on Nov 1, 12 2:08 PM
Drip,drip, drip! Another adventure in water by a new dev, I believe. Have not heard of them before. Not quite sure it was quite apropos considering most of us are still suffering under the maelstrom of Hurricane Sandy. One of my friends in New Jersey told me there were sharks in the streets. So, it is a little eerie to find a kraeken in this game. However, the graphics are beautiful. This game, I believe, is a a little shorter than the other CE's. I am not complaining because lately the games have become tiresome because they are too long. Kinda like reading a 2000 page novel and wondering when it is ever going to end. Not certain if I will purchase or not. The puzzles are decent but just repackaged puzzles we have all seen in the past. At least the music is not irritating like the last CE we had. Overall it is a pretty average game for a CE. Nothing terribly new or exciting but somewhat fun and challenging. My only complaint were the sparkles. I did not play the most advanced mode so I am not certain if they were evident in that mode, but they are terribly irritating to me. I still like to get hints and skip some games I find annoying, so I did not want to play that level. However, please get rid of the sparkles and leave them in only for the lowest level of game play.

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[Post New]by sigrid1 on Nov 1, 12 3:45 PM

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Re:Reviews for Mystery of the Ancients:Curse of the Black Water

[Post New]by Eoarod on Nov 1, 12 9:52 PM
Got soooo caught up in MCF spec thread (and with horrid internet problems Day 2 - blech) just got to playing demo...and love, love this game. All games are a matter of personal taste & this one just grabbed me right away (erm, ok I'll admit, grabbed me right after the initial not-so-awesome VO...again my opinion). I'm a goober & a sucker for things like water drops on the "screen" when there's a splash in the game. I details like that!

Another game that runs very smoothly! Yippie! Hates hinky cursors I do!

Lovely graphics, so far plot is good and level of play nifty (sooo hard to tell in a demo though) - few too many sparkles in middle mode - but I just can't seem to force myself into uber hard mode! Eesh me!

My only was excited about achievements then saw my new achievement bane - finish an H0 scene in under 1 minute...that has thus far proved an impossible feat on a first play through for me (in games by other devs...not sure on this dev - we'll see *sigh*). If you read any of my reviews you know I'm most sad when I feel "forced" to play a game through twice to get all my nifty prizes! We all have out pain points, I guess! I like shiny objects!!

The map is nifty - but once again I probably won't make use of it (did end up using the map in Unfinished Tales...one time lolol) - just another quirk of mine. I don't mind one way or the other if there is a map - but know lots of fishies like them lots! It worked quickly as well (did try it!!) so another plus - no map jummping lag!

Give this one a try! Though time is running out on the extra punch!!!

Happy Gaming!


Re:Reviews for Mystery of the Ancients:Curse of the Black Water

[Post New]by WolfenRaindancer on Nov 2, 12 12:16 AM
I thought this was going to be a really good game, and some parts of it are, including the music...but once again half the game is looking for another tool...like I just had a couple of scenes ago. Such a let down, especially when you have to open a box with a special key or code, and voila, there is some mundane tool. I think this is a lazy cop out on the devs part, and it makes me really appreciate the few other devs who actually give us more credit for having a brain, and know that we might just think we should hold on to that knife, or the lighter, or even the matches...we are fighting monsters, and saving people, but don't have enough sense to hold on to a simple tool. Give me a break

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Re:Reviews for Mystery of the Ancients:Curse of the Black Water

[Post New]by lym_1609 on Nov 2, 12 8:24 AM
WOW! The giantic octopus had HUGE teeth, really HUGE and scary. Totally enjoy this game, mini puzzles are not too easy or too difficult, but I played causal, so I guess I did all the puzzles in the 1 hour trial

LOVE it, and the strategy guide did not indicate where are the turtles which is one of the collectible. If u played thru the 1 hr, u get to this room by climbing up a iron ladder, and u will get a plush toy turtle! LOL!, its just so CUTE! All the collectible turtle are all different in types, eg, paper turtle, wood turtle, plush toy, a shadow, u named u, u will see it! JUST SO ENJOYABLE!

ALL FUN, great graphics and sound effects too! Hard to beat. Hope we can get the walkthrough with all the 39 turtles pointed out so we can collect them all! CE too

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Re:Reviews for Mystery of the Ancients:Curse of the Black Water

[Post New]by kgustavson on Nov 2, 12 11:51 AM
I am on the fence with this one - did a beta on it just the other day and found it too easy for me on advanced mode (I would try hard mode but I like to have the option to skip puzzles on my first play through). Also had some trouble with flickering text which sounds like has not been fixed in the release. Graphics, collectibles are all great to me but it just didn't seem CE price worthy....Hmmmm. Will have to mull it over!

ETA: If BF put this on sale for 9.99 I'd snap it up, but at 13.99 I'll pass. What ever happened to the idea of "enhanced" games (basically an SE with the SG for a couple bucks more than an SE)??

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Re:Reviews for Mystery of the Ancients:Curse of the Black Water

[Post New]by tangawarra on Nov 3, 12 3:19 AM
sunnyglow wrote: The puzzles are decent but just repackaged puzzles we have all seen in the past. Overall it is a pretty average game for a CE. Nothing terribly new or exciting but somewhat fun and challenging.

Same here, it was fun to play, but not very challenging and quite short. Esp. ch. 6 which takes about 3 minutes, and that's only because you can't skip Poseidon talking.

I also agree with WolfenRaindancer - some of the tools were ridiculous. I mean how many knifes do I have to find? Why wouldn't I keep the first one? Also, find a tool to open a box to get a saw only to use it to get another saw?? I was seriously tempted to abandon the game at that point.

The graphics were nice, but a bit non-descript and generic.

Overall, nothing spectacular, but ok for a lazy afternoon, if you haven't got the energy for anything long and complicated.


Re:Reviews for Mystery of the Ancients:Curse of the Black Water

[Post New]by NancySusan on Nov 3, 12 10:16 AM
I played 45 minutes in advanced mode. Things I liked: finding the hidden turtles, fun. I liked how the HOS scenes were set up, where you find an object, then use it to find another. Nice. The graphics were o.k., if a little simple. I had a lot of technical problems with the demo, including slow cursor, and slow resolving into and from scenes, so I didn't get as far into the story as I might have, but I wasn't blown away by it -- seems very derivative. I didn't use the SG while I was playing, so I can't comment on that. If this played better than it had, I might consider it as an SE, but certainly not as a CE The only voiceover I heard during the trial was at the beginning of the game. As it is, no buy for me.

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