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[Post New]by barbee44 on Jan 12, 11 9:59 AM
I think the developers of this game should redo it using a better dictionary.

There are so many words not in the game dictionary... encartia.

Ricing is a cooking term meaning to pass food through a food mill or "ricer", which comes in several forms. In the most basic, food is pushed or pressured through a metal or plastic plate with many small holes, producing a smoother result than mashing, but coarser than pureeing or passing through a sieve or tamis. The size of the product produced by ricing is about the same as grains of rice.
Potatoes are the most commonly "riced" foods, as in the dish riced potatoes, essentially a smoother version of mashed potato

And many many more. I love the game though and is the only game I bought from Big Fish Games that I play every day for the past 5 years.

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Re:Welcome to Upwords Deluxe forum

[Post New]by WordGuy1619 on Mar 7, 11 4:10 PM
I suggest you write to Hasbro Games. They sadly neglect Upwords and perhaps if enough folks contacted them, they might consider some improvements. The dictionary is far and away the worst one ever invented. When the program was first written, they didn't even allow you the option to turn it off. At least now you can ignore it. Sometimes companies don't do anything until enough people complain. Because Hasbro Games also owns Scrabble, they sort of treat Upwords like an orphan child, and meanwhile there's a lot of die-hard Upwords lovers out there who appreciate the additional strategy of being able to stack up and change words already written. I personally find Scrabble boring after having played Upwords for so many years.


Re:Welcome to Upwords Deluxe forum

[Post New]by maryarmo on Mar 9, 11 10:21 AM
I find the Encarta dictionary a complete pain. You can use "FILM" but you can't use "FILMS" - what a nuisance.

I also find the "Bad Words List" to be a pain. I tried to enter "****" as in "WATER ****", and it wasn't allowed as a bad word. It also says "QUEEN" is a bad word. Tell that to Queen Elizabeth II.

There are many other words it says are bad words, and I have no idea why they are deemed to be bad. Who decides ?

I would like to remove the Encarta Dictionary and also the Bad Words list. Can anybody tell me how ?


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