Fore the Cycle Trophy glitch

[Post New]by gamersINedmonton on Nov 2, 12 1:20 PM
Grrrrr. I have spent hours and hours trying to win the Fore the Cycle Trophy. The discription says you need a Par, a Birdie, an Eagle, a Double Eagle, a Triple Eagle, and a Perfect Score.

Well, I just got all of these things, and didn't get the award. My only guess ad to an explanation is that my Triple and Double Eagles (-4 and -3) were also Perfect Scores.

What do I need to score to win this? Must the Triple Eagle be made on a Par 5, leaving one card still on the table?


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Re:Fore the Cycle Trophy glitch

[Post New]by bfgSeine on Nov 2, 12 1:34 PM
Hi gamersINedmonton,

Each of those achievements is a unique score, so in order to earn them, they need to be done separately from a Perfect Score. When you get a Double Eagle, it should only say Double Eagle, and not also a Perfect Score. This will need to be done on a 6 hole course:

1 Perfect Score (0 cards left)
1 Triple Eagle (4 under par)
1 Double Eagle (3 under par)
1 Eagle (2 under par)
1 Birdie (1 under par)
1 Par

Doing that, it should count those different scores and you'll earn the trophy.

I hope that helps!


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