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[Post New]by abelss on Nov 3, 12 9:13 PM
I have been trying to solve this puzzle for several hours now, it is driving me insane. I have tried tips mentioned in forum, getting corners placed first. Placing corners first did not help at all. My problem mostly is with squares, 10, 11, 14 & 15. I know 10 should be blank for the square in inventory.
My puzzle keeps looking like this (below) no matter what I do.


If I move 11 down to blank (10), and 15 to 11, and 14 up one, squares still remain in that order (15, 11, 14, 10). Can someone please help? What can I do to get those four squares in right places? Game is saved, so all I need is help moving those squares to their correct spaces.
I really enjoyed the game untill I got to this puzzle.

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Re:Library: Flower Slider puzzle

[Post New]by cinder555 on Nov 4, 12 12:37 AM
Do you want a save file to bypass the puzzle?? If so, please PM - private message me



Re:Library: Flower Slider puzzle

[Post New]by rcougarxr7 on Dec 8, 13 1:04 PM
I am in the same boat....I get stuck with 2 or 3 blocks in the middle in the wrong place.....I cant do this puzzle, its driving me insane. i'm ready to delete the game to save my sanity....can anyone help me?

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