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Today's DD 7 November 12

[Post New]by cleoladycat on Nov 7, 12 12:40 AM
Any comments fishes?

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Re:Today's DD 7 November 12

[Post New]by JerryInWales on Nov 7, 12 6:47 AM
I''ve just played most of the demo: yes it is a bit clunky, and the interface needs too many clicks in the right places, but it's not too bad. The dialogue is necessary: my impression is that it's more an illustrated story than a normal game.

Agreed that the items are VERY small in some cases: I've had to use the hints several times, but hitting the occasional star reloads the hint store. The hints/skips are slow, but this game gets put into the "not in a hurry" category, so I can afford to wait ...!

It's mid-afternoon here in the UK so I have until bedtime to decide whether to buy.

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Re:Today's DD 7 November 12

[Post New]by Freka on Nov 7, 12 6:58 AM
This game has a very interesting title. I like the idea you can get more hints by finding stars. Other than that, I like nothing about any of the games from this developer.

Sorry, Bigfish, it is on my permanent "Don't buy" list.

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Re:Today's DD 7 November 12

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Nov 7, 12 11:39 AM
This is a HdO HOPA game.

The options button offers a choice between full screen and windowed mode, sound, music and brightness control.

The graphics were nice, but only the main charachter is nicely drawn, and other charachters are sloppy yellow silhouettes.

There are no voiceovers, and a lot of dialogue, but it can be skipped through fairly quickly.

There is an option between timed mode and standard mode, but you cannot change modes once you begin the game.

There is a rather long and detailed explananation of the game mechanics, but there is no clear explanation of how to change from timed to standard mode. After playing in timed mode for about 20 mins, I noticed a small clock icon as I began a new game.

Timed mode - You are given one hint only per Hog scene.
You are given approximately 2mins 30secs per scene, and must begin the scene again if you run out of time.

Note: I didn't get very far at all in timed mode. It is suggested to increase the brightness to full for the best game experience. This was helpful in finding large objects, but many were simply too minute or too nondescript to locate. In 20 mins, I only managed to complete 4 Hog scenes, and I ran out of time four times. I did not make it to any puzzles in timed mode.

Untimed mode: You are given three hints and can earn more by finding stars in the scenes. There is a maximum of 6 hints. However, there is an approximately 90 second recharge wait after you use a hint, regardless of how many reserve hints that you hold. In essence, this makes the extra hints obsolete.

There are two types of Hog scenes: 1. find items on list
2. find objects based on their silhouette.
In a half hour of untimed play, I came across 9 find the items and 2 silhouette Hogs.

Puzzles: In the untimed mode, I came across 4 puzzles in half an hour. These included slider, match 3 and swapping blocks to complete a picture.

After 1 min, you are offered an easier option of the puzzle or shown what the completed picture should look like.

After 3 mins, you can skip the puzzle entirely.

In both timed and standard mode, a light shines on objects that you need. This could be a great annoyance to those who don't like sparkles.

Overall, I had too many frustrating experiences with minute and obscure objects, and the wait time for a hint was too long. This goes on my "buy if I need a punch" list.

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Re:Today's DD 7 November 12

[Post New]by JulieJay on Nov 7, 12 1:06 PM
This in my opinion is one of the better HdO games and would class it as a Hidden Object Puzzle game rather than an Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure. I only class it as an adventure if you have to find your way around somewhere - this gives you arrows to click and you're where you need to be. HO scenes are find by list, shadow or find x of this and y of that. I like the variation. The puzzles are quite good too. I didn't read any of the dialogue - it's not necessary to play the game. You earn extra hints if you find the stars. The items can sometimes be a little hard to find but you can zoom in which is very helpful.

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